How Quark XML Author Enhances Microsoft Word

White Paper

Microsoft introduced XML capabilities in Office 2003, enhanced those capabilities in Office 2007, and maintained those capabilities in Office 2010, which has helped enormously to introduce people to the value of XML. Microsoft has focused its use of XML on enabling third-party software developers to integrate data into documents, integrate documents into downstream processes, and deliver other productivity improvements for individual users.

But Microsoft has deliberately chosen not to support XML editing in Word out of the box. For those customers who want to use Word to author XML documents, Microsoft guides their customers to partners’ products such as Quark XML Author.

While developers could take advantage of the built-in XML capabilities of Word to deliver XML editing functionality for simple cases, the requirements of a dynamic publishing application require the full-fledged XML document editing functionality that only Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word provides.

Quark XML Author builds on Word’s XML capabilities to allow authors to create and edit XML documents while preserving the simple, intuitive user experience of Microsoft Word.